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Are you looking for a distributor of wholesale Fanta? Look no further. We stock a wide range of Fanta flavours, ready for delivery to you. Whether you’re looking for American Fanta or UK Fanta, we have it all. From classic Fanta orange to something new like grape, lemon or strawberry, buy your Fanta in bulk with us.

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Fanta Wholesale UK

We all love cold refreshing soft drinks on a hot day and what better drink than the much-loved fruit juice, Fanta!

Served chilled right out of the fridge, this soda is definitely one of the tastiest out there.

We love the original Fanta orange – bright bubbly instantly refreshing and with real fruit natural flavours, not to mention caffeine free!

But if you want something a bit different, as well as Fanta orange we have berry, strawberry, peach, pineapple and more.


Fanta Cans

As well as selling fruit twist bottles, our Fanta cans also come in a handy 12-pack case, which is perfect for fridges in your store or at home.

The box contains 12, 355ml (12oz) fruit juice-flavoured cans, made from 100% natural flavourings giving it Fanta’s cool taste.


Fanta Bottles in Fruity Flavours

Whether you want Fanta bottles or cans, the choice is yours.

Our fruit twist bottles are great on-the-go refreshments. Made with real fruit flavours, like lemon, apple, grape, peach, pineapple and the classic Fanta orange, it tastes just like biting into fresh fruit!

Plus, it has a nice, tangy kick from the citric acid, the same stuff you find in citrus fruits like lemons and oranges.

Also, Fanta’s range of soft drinks is ideal for everyone, as it’s free from caffeine.

Trust us, once you add any of Fanta’s fruity flavours to your shelves your customers will keep coming back for more!


Fanta Orange

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Embrace the dazzling zing of Fanta orange, its bright bubbly instantly refreshing taste is ready to excite the taste buds of your shoppers.

Stock your shelves with the classic Fanta flavour that combines a tantalising mix of natural orange flavourings and real orange juice.

Fanta Orange is caffeine-free, promoting a healthier lifestyle while offering an instantly refreshing pick-me-up that your consumers will love.

With every crack of the cans or twist of the bottles, your customers will be instantly transported to a sunny, citrus grove.


Bulk buy Fanta

While it may be harder to locate in some parts of the world, here in the UK, we have a wide selection of Fanta flavours available in cans and bottles.

What’s more, you can buy Fanta in bulk right here at The Kandy King and benefit from our low wholesale prices.

Maximum refreshment, real fruit natural flavours and low prices – what’s not to like?

Bulk Buy Wholesale Sweets

Buying in bulk benefits include:

  1. Save money
  2. Enjoy a wider selection
  3. Order and get it delivered to your door


If our American sodas are too sweet for you, don’t worry, we have an even bigger selection of American products in stock, including:

Please be aware of the new rules that apply to food labelling for American products. For instructions on how to ensure you are fully compliant, contact us.