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American Candy Brands

We strive to stock the biggest sweets and candy brands for our customers

All your favourites

Sweets & candy

We have a wide range of wholesale american sweets available, that your customers will simply love and ensure they come back for more.

Our range includes hard candy such as Jolly Rancher, soft candy from Haribo and sour gummy candy from Sour Patch Kids.

Wholesale Sour Patch Kids Candy
Wholesale Days Soda
Big named brands

Soda & drinks

With big named brands such as Fanta, Coca-Cola, Kool-Aid and Dr Pepper, our range of American Soda are the perfect accompaniment to our product ranges.

As well as the classic American soda’s that are loved by customers in the UK, we have a selection of world brands such as Cocoqueen.

Break-time favourites​

Snacks and cereals

Everyone loves a great snack in the afternoon and a cereal in the morning. At The Kandy King, we provide retailers a large selection of wholesale american snacks that customers love to buy.

Brands such as Cheetos, Rap Snacks, Takis and Frito-Lay’s allow you to stock your shelves with the best snacks available.

Wholesale Cap'n Crunch Cereal
Wholesale American Chocolate
Treat yourself

Cakes & chocolate

Treat your customers to some amazing cakes and chocolate from the USA. From yummy soft cookies by Keebler to peanut butter treats from Reese’s we’ve got you covered.

Our great range of American chocolate is definitely not to be missed. With global giants such as Wonka and Hershey, your sure to find the right product for your store.