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Welcome to the world of Wholesale Japanese Drinks. Refreshing, and absolutely delightful beverages from the land of the Rising Sun! We present to you a vast selection of authentic Japanese drinks, all available at incredible wholesale prices.

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Japanese Drinks Wholesale

Here at The Kandy King we’ve got a great selection of Japanese drinks. Everything from popular Japanese green teas to unique soft drinks.

There’s no shortage of variety here, and all items are ready to be dispatched straight to your stores, offering the perfect blend of authenticity, quality, and affordability.

You’ll be thrilled to find big brands like Ocean Bomb, Hatakosen and Dragon Ball Z, as well as boutique producers, all under one roof. The best part? We offer these top-quality products at rock-bottom wholesale prices.

Japanese drinks have a rich cultural heritage that is increasingly being appreciated worldwide. They evoke a sense of natural purity and mindfulness, a theme that resonates with the health-conscious and the adventurous.

It’s not just the fantastic variety and competitive prices that make us stand out – it’s our promise of flexible, fast, and reliable delivery. We offer a range of delivery options, whether you’re stocking a small corner shop or filling the shelves of a chain of supermarkets.

Our network stretches across the UK, ensuring your order reaches you exactly when and where you need it. We’re committed to bringing you the most seamless shopping experience because we understand that time is money.

Your customers will be able to experience the calming ritual of a matcha tea ceremony, the invigorating zest of Hatakosen drinks, or the lively pop of Ocean Bomb soda.


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Bulk buying has never been easier or more exciting! Our efficient wholesale model ensures that you can stock up on a broad spectrum of Japanese drinks, capturing the diverse tastes of your customers.

Our wholesale Japanese drinks bring a slice of Japan’s revered culture and innovation straight to your customers. They’re a perfect way to tap into the expanding market for international, particularly Asian, beverages.

Japanese drinks have a broad appeal – they’re loved by millennials for their Instagram-worthiness, by fitness enthusiasts for their health benefits, and by gastronomes for their sophistication.

They’re versatile too; serve them chilled on a summer afternoon, as warming brews on a winter evening, or as an accompaniment to a meal. With every sip, your customers will journey to Japan, experiencing the country’s serene tea gardens, bustling cities, and the spirit of ‘Omotenashi’ (Japanese hospitality).

So, why wait? Join us in the delightful exploration of wholesale Japanese drinks. Expand your store’s offering with our curated collection, impress your customers with unique and authentic beverages, and enjoy the benefits of bulk buying with our low wholesale prices.

Add a dash of the extraordinary to your store with our wholesale Japanese drinks. Stock up, stand out, and see your sales soar!

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