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What are Mogu Mogu Drinks

The COMPLETE guide to Mogu Mogu Drinks. What are they and are they healthy?

Mogu Mogu, a new drinking experience is here! But what are they? The boring fruit juice that you currently drink will be thrown aside and replaced by a fun, exciting, chewable beverage. Yes, you heard that right – chewable! “How can a drink be chewable?” I hear you ask. The creators of Mogu Mogu drinks […]

What do Swedish Fish Taste Like

What do Swedish Fish Taste Like?

We’ve all heard of these famous sweets, but what do Swedish Fish taste like? These soft and chewy pieces of fish-shaped candy have been know to taste like lingonberry, which is a European berry. However, in America, the red flavour of Swedish Fish is usually referred to as just ‘berry flavour’ and the mystery behind […]

Bulk Buy Wholesale Sweets

Where can I bulk buy wholesale sweets in the UK?

You can bulk buy wholesale sweets in the UK from cash and carry sweet suppliers such as The Kandy King. For retailers, this gives them the opportunity to purchase large amounts of your customers’ favourite sweets and candy, at lower trade prices. For shop owners, time is precious and making sure you have a supplier […]