Wholesale Laffy Taffy Candy

Are you looking for a UK distributor of Wholesale Laffy Taffy Candy? Look no further. This bright chewy candy is bursting with flavour and is ready for collection or delivery directly to your store.

Wholesale Laffy Taffy
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Laffy Taffy Wholesale

Sold in Mini Tubs, boxes of rope candy or Candy Peg Bags, we have it all. Why not try the amazing Laffy Taffy Rope Sour Apple or if you fancy smaller bites, why not buy a mini tub in grape flavour?

Wholesale Laffy Taffy Candy


What is Laffy Taffy?

So, what exactly is this funnily named candy? Laffy Taffy is a brand of ‘taffy’ known for its chewy texture and fruity flavours.

It was first introduced in the 1970s and has since become a popular treat for not just children. Adults can’t get enough of this fruity treat.

One feature that kids love about Laffy Taffys, is the jokes that are printed on the wrappers.

They are usually corny or pun-based and have become a bit of a signature for the brand.


Wholesale Banana Laffy Taffy

Could this be the best Laffy Taffy flavour? Banana is certainly one of the most popular flavours we have in stock at The Kandy King and flies off the shelves.

Known for its distinctive bright yellow packaging, this banana-flavoured taffy is sweet and fruity that we love and so do our customers.

The chewy texture is a perfect combination of stretchy and soft. It provides a delightful mouthfeel that keeps you coming back for more.

Aside from its delicious taste. Like all other flavours, the Banana Laffy Taffy also features signature jokes printed on the outer wrapper.

As mentioned, over the years, Banana Laffy Taffy has become a favourite, and its distinct flavour sets it apart from the other fruity flavours we have in stock, such as Cherry, Grape, Strawberry and Apple to name a few.



Your customers will love our great selection. And what’s more, you can buy Laffy Taffy in bulk and benefit from our low wholesale prices!

Our mini tubs are sold individually and our Rope Candy comes in a box of 24. We are one of the largest distributors of American Sweets and Candy in the UK. Sign up as a wholesale customer today and benefit from our low prices.