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You’ve landed on the ultimate destination for wholesale Japanese products. Let us transport you into the mesmerising world of products from Japan – available at unbeatable wholesale prices.

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Japanese Products Wholesale UK

Indulge in the sweet pleasure of our great selection of Wholesale Japanese products. We have a stunning array of confections that will thrill your taste buds and entice your customers.

Uncover the magic of Hi-Chew’s sensationally juicy fruit flavours, with a texture that melts in your mouth like nothing you’ve experienced before. Let your customers experience this chewy sensation, an outright crowd-pleaser in Japan and around the world.

Or, perhaps, you prefer to dabble in the exquisitely unique taste of Pocky. This quintessential Japanese treat offers a delicate balance between crunchy biscuit sticks and a smooth, rich cream coating. Available in a wide variety of flavours, Pocky continues to win hearts worldwide.

And that’s not all! From the crunchy delights of Meiji’s chocolate-covered almonds to the sour kick of Kasugai’s gummy candies, our collection is full to the brim with Japanese candy brands your customers will adore.


Quench Your Thirst the Japanese Way!

But the fun doesn’t stop at confectionery. Let’s not forget about our wholesale drinks from Japan, designed to intrigue the most discerning palates.

Ramune, with its unmistakable marble-sealed bottles, promises a fizzy, sweet experience. Its unique design and taste have made it an iconic staple of Japanese culture. Your customers will love the novelty as much as the refreshing taste!

And we’re just getting started! Satisfy your customers’ cravings for tea with the ever-popular Oi Ocha, a traditional Japanese green tea drink, guaranteed to provide a soothing, yet invigorating experience.

We also have a selection of Japanese sodas from Fanta and Coca-Cola that incorporate Japanese flavours like melon and cherry blossom. An unexpected but delicious blend of the familiar with the exotic!


Unbeatable Prices and Delivery Options!

With The Kandy King, you’re not only getting a wealth of Japanese flavours, but you’re also getting the best deals on the market. As a dedicated provider of wholesale products, we offer these exceptional items at low wholesale prices. Our commitment to affordability never compromises quality! And to top it all off, we offer a fantastic range of delivery options.


Bulk Buy Japanese Products

Whether you’re looking to buy in bulk or need a speedy delivery, our team will ensure your products arrive promptly and in perfect condition.

These treats provide an easy way for people to experience a slice of Japan, and they’re quickly becoming a favourite in shops worldwide.

In addition to this, Japanese products are not only delicious but also feature eye-catching, intricate packaging. They’re sure to stand out on your shelves, attracting both the curious and the candy-obsessed.

So, why wait? Explore our Wholesale Japanese Drinks and Candy  today and take your customers on a taste adventure they’ll never forget. Trust us – your taste buds (and your customers) will thank you!