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Where can I bulk buy wholesale sweets in the UK?

You can bulk buy wholesale sweets in the UK from cash and carry sweet suppliers such as The Kandy King. For retailers, this gives them the opportunity to purchase large amounts of your customers’ favourite sweets and candy, at lower trade prices.

For shop owners, time is precious and making sure you have a supplier that has stock readily available and all in one place is important.

Bulk Buy Wholesale Sweets

What are wholesale sweet suppliers?

Wholesale sweet suppliers are a retailer’s best friend. With a warehouse full of products ready to be delivered to your store, it gives shop owners the ability to order sweets and candy in larger quantities, in order to benefit from lower wholesale prices.

The Kandy King is one of the largest wholesale distributors of American Sweets & Candy in the UK and stocks a wide range of brands, meaning retailers can purchase their stock from one place, saving time and money!

The Kandy King stock an amazing range of:

UK Wholesale American Candy & SweetsAmerican CandyFor those with a sweet tooth, we stock a wide range of American Sweets including brands such as Jolly Rancher, Airheads, Sour Patch Kids and Mike and Ike! View our American Candy range >
UK Wholesale American SnacksAmerican SnacksFor those who like a bit of crunch, our American Snacks range has everything you will need to satisfy that savoury craving! Brands such as Cheetos and Rap Snacks to name a few.View our American Snacks range >
UK Wholesale American ChocolateAmerican ChocolateIf Candy is not your thing, how about a bit of chocolate. Our American Chocolate range is a perfect alternative to chewy candy. Brands including Keebler. View our American Chocolate range >
Wholesale Mrs Feshley's American CakesAmerican CakesHave you tried our American Cakes? They are delicious and a great alternative to sweet chocolate and candy. Amazing brands such as Hostess and Reese’s you’ll just love!View our American Cakes range >
Wholesale Lucky Charms Cereal UKAmerican CerealWe all know breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so why not let your customer have the best cereal USA can offer! Our great selection includes Capn’ Crunch, Kelloggs and the American Classic, Lucky Charms.View our American Cereal range >
Wholesale Where can I bulk buy wholesale sweets in the UK?American Soda Fanta, Kool-Aid, Dr Pepper to name just a few, your customers will be blown away by our wide range of American Soda brands in stock and ready for delivery. View our American Soda range >

Where to buy American Candy in the UK?

If you are a UK retailer of confectionery, you can buy American Candy from wholesale sweet suppliers who allow you to purchase sweets in bulk.

With the weekly UK household expenditure, if confectionery continuing to rise, the sale of sweets and chocolate in the UK is as popular as ever.

For customers, finding genuine candy from the USA is worth searching for and having a great selection of stock, will make customers come back for more. At The Kandy King, we can ensure your store is stocked with America’s favourite brands.

The variety of confectionery that America has to offer differs greatly from the British sweets found here in the UK.

If we take chocolate for example. The UK’s opinion of American chocolate has a mixed reaction, as we tend to compare it to our very own Cadbury’s. Some people think that it doesn’t taste as chocolatey as the British equivalent.

This could be due to American chocolate having a minimum of 10% cocoa solids, whereas in the UK the minimum is 20% before it is called chocolate.

However, in America, the combination of peanut butter and chocolate is really popular with customers, and American brands such as Reese’s only make this flavour of delicious treat.

Bulk buy confectionery

Buying sweets and candy in bulk is a great way to not only benefit from lower wholesale prices but to ensure your shop’s stock is always kept at an optimum level to serve your customers.

In addition to this, shopping in bulk for your confectionery from a wholesaler allows you to reduce your packaging waste and save on delivery costs.

Take our great selection of American Soda Cans for example – our Fanta comes in fridge packs that contain 12 cans which sit perfectly in your store fridges, keeping them nice and cool.

They are also delivered in pallets for efficient delivery and to eliminate damages that can be caused when sending via parcel shipping.

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Here at The Kandy King, you can sign up for a wholesale account quickly and easily meaning you can bulk buy wholesale sweets in the UK online today!