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Welcome to our exciting range of Wholesale Japanese Candy, meticulously curated for shop owners like you. Delight your customers with an exceptional variety of world-famous brands, all available at incredibly low wholesale prices.

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Japanese Candy Wholesale Suppliers UK

We’re thrilled to bring you a rainbow of delights from the Land of the Rising Sun, making your store the ultimate destination for lovers of unique and adventurous flavours.

Dive into the captivating world of Japanese confectionery, featuring some of the most iconic brands known globally. From Morinaga’s zingy Hi-Chew to Gilco Pocky chocolates, we’ve got them all.

Whether you’re seeking the creaminess of Lotte’s White Lovers Chocolate or the refreshing sharpness of Kasugai’s Fruit Gummies, our comprehensive catalogue is here to satisfy your needs.

Bulk buying with us doesn’t just mean variety, it’s also about value for money. We understand the pressure of maintaining healthy profit margins whilst offering customers an irresistible selection. That’s why we are committed to providing not just the finest Japanese candies at low wholesale prices, but also creating opportunities for your business to thrive.

Why do people adore Japanese candy so much? It’s a blend of unique textures, imaginative flavours, and the sheer joy of discovery. Each candy is a celebration of Japanese ingenuity and tradition, encased in colourful, artistic packaging that’s a treat for the eyes.

Moreover, Japanese candies are often associated with various regions and seasons, making them delightful, edible souvenirs that speak of a distinct culture and time.

Our collection includes Pocky, the popular thin biscuit stick coated in delicious flavours. From classic chocolate to matcha, to more adventurous ones like cookies and cream, we have them all in bulk.

Looking for something chewier? Explore our gummy section renowned for its real fruit flavours. If you fancy providing a fizzy kick, don’t forget the classic Striking Popping Candy, a hit with customers of all ages.

Japanese candy isn’t just about indulgence. It also includes healthier options like hard candies infused with real fruit juice, sugar-free gums, and candies enhanced with essential vitamins.


Japanese Sweets Delivery

It’s not just the exceptional product range we pride ourselves on; our delivery options make us the go-to source for all your wholesale Japanese candy needs.

We offer an array of choices to suit your unique requirements. For larger quantities, we have the option of pallet delivery, ensuring your orders arrive safely and in excellent condition. Furthermore, if you’re looking to source items not currently available in our catalogue, our dedicated team is here to assist with special orders.

Our aim is to create a seamless, efficient, and delightful shopping experience. We believe in nurturing long-lasting partnerships with our clients. For this reason, we offer continuous support to ensure you are satisfied every step of the way.

By choosing us for your wholesale Japanese candy needs, you’re not just filling your shelves with an incredible variety of confectionery. You’re offering your customers an unforgettable journey of exploration, inviting them to taste and relish the nuances of Japanese culture.

We also stock a great selection of Japanese Drinks and products – check them out!

So, let’s embark on this delicious journey together. Start adding these irresistible treats to your basket. Happy shopping!